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Book News:Report from Los Angeles

China Friendship Publishing Corporation, Beijing£¬Zhang Chun, The Deputy Editor-in-Chief, recommends:  Young Dream Chasers ----Report from Los Angeles

                                            ------Written by Zou Zaihua (American)

China¡¯s one-child-family policy has brought it a unique era. It is of strategic importance for us to find ways to foster those children and make them  leading talents possessing  international vision with the good cultural resources of developed countries.

The first priority for overseas study is the country of USA. The high school student culture exchange program £¨J-1£©is a safe, efficient and economical approach. It can both help the culture exchange students smoothly finish their transition from their own families to their American host families, and  the Chinese parents overcome  the various worries they may have for their children when their only child is away from them for overseas study. 

We can see the far-reaching importance for the culture exchange program between the Chinese and American high school students.

Speaking from the viewpoint of the fundamental importance, the objective for the culture exchange program between America and China is to help the high school students promote their understanding, learn from each other, live in harmony with  each other, and foster such concepts of rights that are in agreement with obligations against  a multi-race, -nationality,  ¨Cculture and -religion background. Then, they will be able to become successors with absolute social responsibilities like ¡°Ron who was determined to send the message to Garcia¡±.

Mr. Zou Zaihua, author of China¡¯s very first book in Behavior Science and of five other books in this field, obtained his American immigration visa for ¡°being an outstanding talent in Behavior Science ¡± many years ago. He has been involved in the business of helping China¡¯s high school students go to America for culture exchange for over 10 years. With his life-time research achievements and methods such as behavior observation, motivation inspiration, difficult problem solution and behavior correction, he has conducted a cross-race, and ¨Cnationality cultural study in his business. He has brought before the reader a collection of the interaction stories about over 10 very young overseas students from China like Ling Lin, their parents, the agencies for overseas study in China, the host families, and the organizations. These moving stories are mainly about how they became one of the members of their American host families, their study and life at American high schools, and how the American sponsor organizations provided them with seven-day-a-week, round-the-clock management and services. Anyhow, they went through a very difficult period at the beginning of their culture exchange life with food adaptation, loneliness and language as the three major obstacles, overcame the usual shortcomings the Chinese family¡¯s  only child commonly has, and proved that they will be able to make themselves leading talents with international vision in the future.

It is intended for the Chinese departments of American libraries, American agencies and organizations in China, reference rooms of Sino- American issues study organizations, Chinese community societies, Chinese schools, reference rooms for Chinese language major students at American universities, overseas-study-oriented classes at Chinese high schools, the American J-1 Sponsor Organizations and host families, and the existing and potential Chinese overseas students and their parents.



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